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Artist Medium
Judy Cantwell gel transfer, sculpture
Alfred Haywood pastel, etching
Carol Murray oils
Don Sexton ink & oil pastel, oils

KAA MEMBERS: to be included in the MEMBERS' GALLERY

KAA members may submit up to six images of artwork (JPEG on CD). Title, size, medium, price (NFS is okay), other brief information (such as "commission for similar portrait $3,500") should accompany the JPEGs in a Word or text file. Include your name, address, telephone number, email address, brief artist's statement, resume or biographical information, and media currently in use.

We will not show your address on your page, only your town. Displaying your phone number and/or email address is optional; we will do it unless you specify otherwise. Cost for the artist is a one-time charge of $40. Changing images is possible once a year at $10 per image.

Where to send images and information

To request a gallery, send a CD with JPEGs of the images you'd like included and digital files of text information to the KAA gallery.