KAA - 91 years
Art and nature,
being two different things, cannot be the same.
Pablo Picasso

At the Gallery - 2020

Fall Members' Show — September 20th to October 12th

Award Winners

Daisy dePuthod, “Cunningham Farm”, oil”

KAA Award of Excellence
" CunninghamFarm"
Daisy dePuthod

Joe Oliveri, "Lemon & Blue Vase”, oil

KAA Award of Excellence
"Lemon & Blue Vase”
Joe Oliveri

Chandra Rogers, ”Shell Finder”, oil
KAA Award of Excellence
"Shell Finder”
Chandra Rogers

The Student Show — February 29th & March 1st, 7th, 8th

Award Winners

“Red Dusk” Molly O’Connor

“Red Dusk”
Molly O'Connor
Housatonic Valley Regional High School
Award of Excellence

Trevor Cole
Trinity Pawling School
Award of Excellence

“Storage” Callie McGuire
Callie McGuire
Millbrook School
Award of Excellence
“Winterscape” Bo Wang
Bo Wang
South Kent School
Award of Excellence 
“Transformation” Chloe Mao

Chloe Mao
Kent School
Award of Excellence

“Another Me” Jess Zheng
“Another Me”
Jess Zheng
School: Kent School
“The Wave”  Tixin Xu (Charlotte)
“The Wave”
Tixin Xu (Charlotte)
The Gunnery
Award of Excellence