is intensified by its opposite.
Ed Whitney

KAA Member Website Links

Zufar Bikbovoil
Pat Billeciwatercolor
Ron Blanchard photography
Laura Bleaupastel
Del Bourree-Bachacrylic, oil
Paige Boller acrylic
Clayton Buchananpastel
Judy Cantwellgel transfer, sculpture
Mary Anne Carley watercolor
Michael Cohengouache, oil
Sandra Cointreauwatercolor
Justine Coleman watercolor
John Creaghoil, acrylic, watercolor
Sam D'Ambruosooil
Keith Davidsonacrylic watercolor
Mary Davidsonacrylic watercolor
Virginia Donovanoil, pastel, watercolor
Catherine Easton photography
Carolyn Hutchings Edlundoil, watercolor, graphite
Frank Federicooil, acrylic, pastel, watercolor, gouache
Lidaenis Ferrooil, watercolor, mixed media
Thomas Franken oil, collage, woodwork
Sally Franklinwatercolor, pencil
Paul Gouldoil, pastel
Bill Graulty oil
Alfred W. Haywood watercolor, pastel, pastel, etching
Herb Herschlag watercolor, acrylic, ink, graphite
Richard Heys wood turning, sculpture
Bob Hillsculpture
Kathleen L’Hommedieu acrylic, oil, mixed media
Julie Hopkinswatercolor, pastel
Linda Hubbard photography
Janet Iffland oil, acrylic
Richard James photography
Carol Brightman Johnson oil
Will Kefauveroil
Sterett-Gittings Kelsey sculpture
Richard Koleszar oil, watercolor
Ann Kraus acrylics and mono-prints
Whitney Kurlan pastels, acrylics & watercolors
Leslie Lillien Levy pastel and oil
Dorothy Lorenzeoil
Amanda Lynne acrylic and mixed media
Jim Malloy acrylic
Nina McKitty photography
Linda McMillan photography, colored pencil
Betty Ann Medeiros oils, watercolor
Katushka Millones oils, mixed media
Carol Murrayoils
Erin Nazzaroacrylics, oils, watercolor, pastel
Ruth Newquist watercolor, oils
Eileen Panepintomixed media
Chris Plaisted sculpture
Linda Puiatti oil
Vasil Rakajsculpture
Pamela Reeseoil, pastel
Ed Robinson acrylic
Chandra Rogers oils, pastels, charcoal
Barbara Rubinoil
Cindy Sackswatercolor
Gerry Sacks acrylics, collage, & watercolor
Chris Sandersmixed media
Thomas Schoeller photography
Heather Scofield acrylic
Charlotte Scot oil
Suzan Scott oil, acrylic, mixed media
Judith Secco photography
J. Elaine Senack acrylic
Don Sexton mixed media
Mary Smoot-Souteroil
Diane B. Stoner watercolor
Shawn Sullivan oil
Lubozar Timnev acrylic, oil, digital, mixed media
Terry Tougas photography
Terry Tougas woodworking
Diana Voyajolu oil
George Voyajolu oil
Lacey Wallace photography
Liliana Washburn ink, acrylics, watercolors
Bette Anne Wygant oil paintings on sculpture

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